Monday, December 1, 2008

Women, Power and Politics

Researching for my topic I came across a segment on PBS. Women, Power and Politics is the latest topic on the NOW program hosted by Marie Hinojosa. This segment opened my eyes to several women in a leadership, political position; New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen is running for U.S. Senate and an up close look into the life of Chile president Michelle Bachelet. One thing I learned was that it takes a courageous, confident and determined woman to lead these lives.

Michelle Bachelet is a remarkable woman who truly took charge of Chile and has made a huge impact. Bachelet is a divorced agnostic socialist who has been labeled as an outspoken woman. She returned to her home country after being exiled hoping to make drastic changes. Bachelet started off in the government as minister of health, but later switched to minister of defense. When she chose to run for president, determination was her main goal. Citizens of Chile have labeled her as the mother of Chile. She givens women a voice in the government and provides hope to woman who are afraid to take a stance for what they believe in.

Throughout her presidency, Bachelet has forced policies concerning breastfeeding, making sexual harassment an offense and increasing paternity responsibility. She has taken everyday life and found the obstacles that especially females face. This is an extraordinary program that will move you beyond words. It demonstrates how women must find the confidence in themselves to run for a political position.

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blloyd said...

I agree one hundred percent that it takes a very courages women to live this life style of power and polotics because it is such a male dominated field. Women face a much tougher road in polotics then men. For men it is much easier to enter polotics. These women face less support and many sexist people want them to fail. For these reasons women must try harder and do that much better to gain acceptance.