Monday, December 1, 2008

Women, Power and Politics

Researching for my topic I came across a segment on PBS. Women, Power and Politics is the latest topic on the NOW program hosted by Marie Hinojosa. This segment opened my eyes to several women in a leadership, political position; New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen is running for U.S. Senate and an up close look into the life of Chile president Michelle Bachelet. One thing I learned was that it takes a courageous, confident and determined woman to lead these lives.

Michelle Bachelet is a remarkable woman who truly took charge of Chile and has made a huge impact. Bachelet is a divorced agnostic socialist who has been labeled as an outspoken woman. She returned to her home country after being exiled hoping to make drastic changes. Bachelet started off in the government as minister of health, but later switched to minister of defense. When she chose to run for president, determination was her main goal. Citizens of Chile have labeled her as the mother of Chile. She givens women a voice in the government and provides hope to woman who are afraid to take a stance for what they believe in.

Throughout her presidency, Bachelet has forced policies concerning breastfeeding, making sexual harassment an offense and increasing paternity responsibility. She has taken everyday life and found the obstacles that especially females face. This is an extraordinary program that will move you beyond words. It demonstrates how women must find the confidence in themselves to run for a political position.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who's to blame...

Thank your lucky stars, the election is over!! Despite the AMAZING outcome of this election, some now question if Sarah Palin cost John McCain the presidency. According to one article, “US election: Palin’s place in Republic party uncertain after defeat,” author Suzanne Goldenberg questions whether or not the Republican Party blames Palin for the loss. One interesting detail noted by Goldenberg, is when the verdict was out and Obama had one, only McCain made a speech. He conceded to Obama on election night in Arizona, while Palin just stood by his side and was not able to provide her thoughts or dismay. She was however, able to make a phone call to her hometown of Wasilla, AL.

With hopes of continuing into the 2012 election, Palin will have difficulty making this happen. The image she withheld at the end of the election has many guessing whether or not she is qualified to run again. It will be difficult for her to continue her pursuit when so many doubt her ethics and qualifications. Many Americans blame her for McCain’s defeat. With several justifications, it is understandable why people would not want Palin to continue with the Republican Party.

As Goldenberg states, “While Palin's sights seem fixed on 2012 after the meteoric rise and fall of her 68 days on the national stage, it is far from clear her fellow Republicans will welcome the return of the woman many blame for John McCain's defeat and their party's disarray.”

Only time will tell if Palin will continue on the path towards the 2012 election. With how the media has portrayed her since August, it seems unlikely that she can continue. Her image and demeanor needs a serious facelift before anything further can happen.

Goldenberg, Suzanne. “US election: Palin’s place in Republic party uncertain after defeat.” Guardian News and Media. 5 November 2008.

The Evergreen finally reports on Gregoire!

So, it was just a typical day for me…reading through The Daily Evergreen and to my surprise, finally an article on Chris Gregoire! Obama, McCain and Palin have received to most amount of newsworthy attention, but it is nice to finally see a change concerning the future governor of our state. I have followed Gregoire for quite a few years now. However, with this upcoming election, she did not receive any media attention or notable articles mainly in part because of the popularity of the presidential election. The only advertisements that I found were each candidates, Rossi and Gregoire, criticizing what each stood for and how they were going to disrupt the integrity of Washington. I am so sick and tired of seeing campaign ads that only bash and accuse the opposite person of something they may or may not have done.

The Tuesday, October 28 article supported the re-election of Gregoire and spoke of her high points over the last few years and what she hopes to accomplish in the years to come. Some WSU students may not be aware of the fact that the new Life Sciences Building was funded from the plan to improve and “construct new buildings, open new labs, increase scholarships and open new enrollment slots at colleges and universities.” I think that it is important for students at WSU to understand the extent to which Gregoire has supported our school and the differences she has made.

It is unfortunate that The Daily Evergreen did not provide more information about in-state elections and preferred to focus more on the presidential election. We are greatly affected by the decisions the governor, senate, etc. make and we should take more responsibility in gathering that information and selecting the right person for that job. People cannot count on television or even newspapers to tell them who to vote for. The media does not provide enough information and insight for someone to make an informed decision.

Schork, John. “Chris Gregoire, the right choice.” The Daily Evergree. Tuesday, October 28, 2008.

Influence of the Media...SNL

I chose this video to demonstrate how some portray Sarah Palin. To some, she is a complete joke and not to be taken seriously. This particular video is re-iterating an interview that Palin had with Katie Couric. Tina Faye is basically poking fun at how Palin is not able to answer a question, but rather just babbles on about information that isn’t relevant or doesn’t make sense. Palin is somewhat conforming to the stereotypes that people have labeled her by. Her answers to various questions were grammatically atrocious and hard to understand and piece together. She was unable to give a straight answer, but instead went around the question with an idiotic response.

I do believe that it is unfair how SNL has focused most of its banter on Palin much more so than anyone else. Obama and McCain do receive a fair amount of attention, but almost nothing is mentioned about Biden. The amount of coverage that Palin has received both helped her campaign and jeopardized it. The public has learned much more about Palin that Biden…

This video demonstrates how the public views Palin in a stereotypical way. The skit is to make fun of Palin, but some take it seriously and base their decisions on what they see. Later in the season, Palin does make an appearance and pokes fun at herself proving to the public that these skits and jabs at her isn’t killing her spirit. Perhaps some consider it simple humor, but others take it seriously and to heart. When Hillary Clinton was running for democratic candidate, she was also poked fun at on SNL. However, the turmoil and effect of Palin has sparked more media coverage than ever. Some say these stereotypes may have cost her the election…Who can be so na├»ve to believe exactly what they hear on an SNL skit. Gain some practical knowledge and realize that nothing is what it seems.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What happened to Gregoire??

Something that I have noticed is how little Chris Gregoire has been in the media. Besides various television commercials portraying a negative light on Gregoire or her opponent Dino Rossi, not much other coverage has been made. I am surprised more newspaper articles or advertisements haven’t been promoted. Most of my attention has been focused around Sarah Palin, partially because her face is plastered everywhere. Having been on the west side this past weekend, it was interesting to see more Gregoire signs and ads. It has become apparent that the eastern side of the state is predominantly in support of Dino Rossi.

I understand that the future president and vice president are more important and trumps over most other local elections, but the media could still be covering some portion of those elections. I am tired of only watching television commercials that bash the opponent. Especially in The Daily Evergreen, there should be more news coverage on local elections. It is unfortunate that I do not know a lot of information about Gregoire. I have heard more about Dino Rossi because of where I live. However, I wouldn’t vote for him in a million years. The issues that are most important to me are Pro-Choice and health care. Both Rossi and McCain refute both views and prefer to promote Pro-Life and the over-the-counter distribution of Plan B.

It is important for people to know, especially students here at WSU about what each candidate stands for. The presidential election is important but the local elections affect us just as much if not more.

Palin Protest

I received an email from my mother a couple of weeks ago about a protest that took place in Anchorage, AK. The link sent me to a news article, In Anchorage, an Anti-Palin Protest. Karl Vick writes, “The midday protest outside a city library drew a crowd in the high hundreds -- perhaps surging past a thousand -- from the city's relatively liberal environs, who seemed very happy to see one another and be reminded that they are not alone,” (Vick). The protest stemmed out of frustration against Sarah Palin. One protesters sign read “Voted for her once, never again.” Several women in attendance described how they felt they were the only ones against Palin. The reality is, not every person in Alaska is a supporter of Palin. It is an unfair stereotype to assume that everyone from Alaska is a proud supporter.

Maia Nolan argued, “"My mom is from Alaska. She's a working mother. She's good looking. So she seems to be qualified to be vice president,” (Vick). This protest struck fire and redemption throughout Alaska. I give credit to the men and women who had the courage to speak their mind. It was enlightening to see that not all Alaska natives want Sarah Palin to be the next vice president. With all the hype and controversy regarding Palin, it was a strong statement to make.

Vick, Nolan. “In Anchorage, an Anti-Palin Protest.” Washington Post. 13 September 2008.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Women Don't Want Your Puppet

While researching for the next blog, I came across an opinion piece in The Seattle Times. “Women don’t want your puppet,” is a clever way of referring to Sarah Palin. Kris Melroe of Seattle, Wash. is a soccer mom that has more experience and is more qualified, in my opinion to be our vice president. Melroe has years of experience as a women’s activist. She has “counseled and assistant woman in getting abortions before and after Roe vs. Wade.” Melroe makes it clear that a woman running is pleasing but is unimpressed with Palin.

“Because the only option afforded me in Gov. Sarah Palin. She is not capable or qualified to lead on the issues that directly affect women’s lives: maintaining woman’s rights to control her own health care, improving employment and education opportunities or lobbying for equal pay.”

Melroe has every right to be weary and disappointed. She compares Palin to great women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Hilary Rodham Clinton. In her opinion piece, Melroe addresses that promoting women’s rights is one of the more important issues. Through such interviews it has become apparent that Palin prefers to tip toe around certain questions and abstains from giving real answers. Melroe continues her rant and claims that Palin, “wants to continue circumventing the constitution by maintaining Vice President Dick Cheney’s trajectory of the VP position as a forth branch of the government.” It is clear that Melroe has done her research to form such opinions and make such comments.

Melroe continues to argue those future generations to come “need more than a quick study and hockey mom to restore our moral and political image of the world stage.” As with many other Americans, Melroe views Palin as a publicity stunt. It is clear to the public that Palin is more of a pretty face than political cannon. Melroe closes her article arguing that “Palin is supposed to appease to women, thereby deflecting any real debate.” More and more people are starting to share this opinion.

Melroe, K. (2008, October 7). Women don’t want your puppet [Opinion]. The Seattle Times.